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Temple of Venus

Handcrafted individual bags for wild creatures and glamoured beings. Instilled with the essence of the sacred feminine for ritual play and sacred dress-up. Calling on the forest familiars, ancient Venus spirits and wild flora to bring forth femme power to all. Dozi Imp presents it’s inaugural collection of sustainable, Vegan leather handbags, adorned in artisanal hand embroidery.


A sort of woman figure, proud stomach

From the dark, the damp and tar, pulled

How many beasts with pointed horns have disturbed your rest

Left in mulchy forests, long tepid grasslands and vast dust red spaces

The earth is moaning under your weight, the ritual consumption of you

There are too many reasons to leave your venerate crater


Your dearest Sisters wish to see you again

Laden tongues of runes, long wet hair and GOLD

The stars aligned to where you would be, waiting

Your temples are rebuilt, and your Sisters are here to see you



The Temple of Venus Collection takes on classical iconography of the divine female, disrupting it to be become a contemporary celebration fo the hyper feminine. Drawing truth and guidance from all forms of the female archetype; Palaeolithic carvings, African goddesses, Pagan Madonnas -Sacred virgins and swollen whores - all combine to adorn The Temple. 


Dozi Imp welcomes the rite of play, the reproduction of the arcane woman; approachable decadence and memorabilia - keepsakes. This collection is exclusive to the wearer. So run deep, wild and free with the spirits of the forest and connect with your own unique Imp. 

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