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Our Story: About Us

Folklore and Fairy Tales

Our Story


Dozi Imp creates handcrafted, individual bags for wild creatures and glamoured beings. Instilled with the essence of the sacred feminine for ritual play and sacred dress-up. Calling on the forest familiars, ancient Venus spirits and wild flora to bring forth femme power to all. 

Dozi Imp specialises in Zardozi embroidery which is an elaborate metal work embellishment using gold and silver threads. “Zar” is the Persian word for Gold and “Dozi” means sewing. Paying homage to the mischievous spirit of the world and its folklore, we create our designs with impish reverence. Which is where we got our name from :) We have chosen to create a truly exquisite and unique collection of sustainable luxury Vegan-Leather handbags, employing the skilled Zardozi artisans from the city of Lucknow, the officially GI recognised area - ensuring authenticity of the product but also securing the knowledge of the craft through development of the sector, which industrialisation has threatened to dissolve. 

Dozi Imp is a brand that represents culture, heritage, timelessness and the playfulness of its wearers. By using suppliers and workers across the UK and India we are aiding the concept of the Living Bridge that has existed between our two countries for many decades.


Dozi Imp bags are made using a Vegan pineapple fibre leather called Piñatex®- made using the pineapple leaves which are the byproduct of existing agriculture. Their use creates an additional income stream for farming communities. Piñatex® is a natural, sustainably-sourced, cruelty free material. It doesn’t require any additional pesticides or water and avoids the use of heavy metallic salts used in ordinary leather. The base fabric of the front panel of embroidery is an organic undyed cotton that is hand woven by the Avaran hand-loom society in India - which supports local farmers to go organic and continue using handlooms.  With all the artisanal hand work that goes into making a Dozi Imp bag, we’d describe them as truly analog and truly sustainable. 

The making of Zardozi in Lucknow Palace studio by Chief Artisan Anwar

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